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It is so nice to read stories, meeting people and things we would usually never meet even if we lived forever. It is even better to write stories which may be sitting in the back of your head, bringing to life that lovely flower that talks, cuddly animal that hates being cuddled or feet that can help you run a mile in two minutes.

Even better is to see writing published - and here is the chance to do something that will mean your short story is read by lots of other people. Who knows, you may even become as famous as J. K. Rowling.

How best to submit your story? Using a word processing programme such as Word, write your story (maximum 500 words). Spell check and make sure the punctuation and grammar are as good as you can get it. Save your story! Then copy and paste into the correct field below. Complete the other fields and press the submit button. We will check the story to make sure it is suitable for publication on this web site and then publish - typically this takes 24 to 48 hours. When your work is published tell all your friends about it!

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Theo M - Year 2
The Shrinking Potion

A long time ago there was a tornado .Through the swirling tornado came a huge hand holding a glowing lightning bolt. When a plane flew under the tornado the hand appeared and used the lightning bolt to destroy the plane. Every time anything passed under the tornado the hand appeared and destroyed it. Even large trees were burned to a crisp. The people of a nearby city were getting angry but no one dared to go under the tornado.
Not far away in a cave where huge stalactites hang from the wall a golden snout appeared. It belonged to a huge dragon. The snout disappeared behind the crumbling wall but inside the dragon was brewing a powerful potion.
It was made of bouncy dragon bubbles, gloopy gnu spit, stinky snake poo, sticky rhino snot, gross mantis blood and a tiny aphid.
The dragon finally finished his potion and flew out to the tornado. He had golden claws, horns and spines, shining red scales and a razor sharp silver axe on the end of his tail which shimmered in the sunlight. On seeing the dragon, the hand came out of the tornado and the dragon got a long needle put it in the bottle holding the potion and jabbed the hand with the needle. Immediately, the hand shrunk until you could see all of its body; it was fat, its head had curly hair on top, his top half looked like a man but he had a crackling swirling tornado instead of legs and he had a nasty look on his face and was very frightening.
The dragon said, "Time for a fight godman". The humans from the city crowded around the dragon. "Stand back" he said. The humans didn't. "Stand back" the dragon growled. The humans did go back that time. The fight was immense, but when the smoke cleared the godman was pinned to the ground and the dragon was shooting what appeared to be lasers in a circle around him. Just as the dragon took flight all of the land the godman was on, fell down into a hole the lasers made. Just before the dragon flew away the humans erupted into cheers "we're going to make something in honour of you" they said. Come back to this place in two months and you'll find out what the surprise is.

Two months later he flew back to the same place to find a ginormous nature reserve with a sign saying "Dragons only". He quickly flew down into it and went into one of the caves where he still lives to this day.

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Isabel T - Year 2
The Adventures of The Good Wizard by Isabel T

Chapter 1:
The Good Wizard Wumarim was a very brave wizard. His school was very strict for learning spells and potions so he never got a gold star. Wumarim had a beautiful white owl called Owlivia Wild. The best thing about her was that she could talk, but only Wumarim could hear her.

It was potion challenge week at school and Wumarim was always worried about this challenge. He found making potions hard and his friends always laughed at him when he got things wrong.

Suddenly Wumarims teacher, Miss Webb shouted "shhh, be quiet!" in a really loud, witchy voice. Whispering to Owlivia, Wumarim said, "She's never been so shouty before." "I'll stop her doing it" Owlivia whispered back as she flew into her cage. The next minute, Wumarim turned to look at Miss Webb. She was moving her mouth but no sound was coming out!

Chapter 2:
After the worst week of Wumarim's life, Owlivia said to herself, "I wish Wumarim went to a different school, so that he was happier". After break that day Wumarim felt like he wanted to talk to Owlivia, so he went to see her in his room where she stayed sometimes. He opened the door and looked at the metal cage to see Owlivia was gone! Wumarim was so surprised that he fell over. He had to find out where she was. He knew he had to get out of the school to find Owlivia, so at the next break time Wumarim sneaked out of the school gates and hoped that no one had noticed.

Chapter 3:
Wumarim walked for a long time before getting to the woods because he didn't take the usual paths. It was now nighttime, but Wumarim knew owls came out at night. In the woods it was very dark, damp and eerily quiet. He used a spell to make some wellies and put them on. In the woods all he could find were sticks, leaves and some old rubbish. The next path he took led him to a group of animals. They were beautiful. He knew Owlivia had to be one of them, so he went to have a look. Suddenly he felt trapped, but he didn't have any idea what it was!

Chapter 4:
Suddenly Wumarim realised who had made the trap. It was Evil Wizard Evira. Evira was a very tall and powerful wizard. She had crooked fingers, dark green eyes and black and red hair in a bun. Wumarim knew that Evira must have taken Owlivia.

Meanwhile, back at school, three of Wumarim's friends sat down onto their chairs. One of them, named Azin, saw that there was an empty chair on the other side of the classroom. Then Azin looked at the rest of the classroom and saw that Wumarim wasn't there. The three friends went to Wumarim's room but he wasn't there either, and they saw Owlivia was gone too. Like Wumarim, Azin knew that most owls lived in the woods. So he thought that Wumarim could be looking for her. After school Azin and the other friends sneaked out to go look for Wumarim.

Chapter 5:
After taking the long path into the woods they suddenly saw Wumarim tied up to a tree. Evira was asleep so Azin went straight to rescue him. Next Wumarim used a spell to find out which Woodland animal Owlivia had been turned into. One of the deer was Owlivia! The three friends and Wumarim next made a potion to turn Owlivia back into an owl. They had to do it quietly because Evira was still asleep.
"First, sprinkle long red leaves." whispered Wumarim.
"Next, add a freshly made dewy spider web" said Azin, quietly.
"Then mix in three broken up prickly pine cones with some cold river water" said Wumarim.
The potion was ready, so Wumarim gave the deer five slurps of the mixture. Suddenly the deer went up with a 'whoosh!', spinning into the air and then came falling back down, but as Owlivia!

Soon after Evira woke up and noticed Wumarim was gone. She knew he had to still be in the woods because the shortcut was blocked and he would have to take the long path out. Evira waved her wand and she was back at the start of the woods, ready waiting for them. Wumarim, Azin and their friends finally got to the end of the woods, but they were really shocked to see Evira.

Chapter 6:
Wumarim and Azin knew that it would take all of them to defeat the Evil Wizard Evira. They put their sparkly ended wands together to make a spell 'pooft!', suddenly Evira was gone! Evira was now in the trap tied to a tree in the damp, dark woods where she had put Wumarim. All the animals around her made sure she couldn't escape! Wumarim, Azina and the others were very relieved Evira was gone forever. The next morning they walked back to Wizardry school. As Wumarim put Owlivia back in her cage, he said, "I'm really happy to have you back"
"I'm really happy to have you back too" replied Owlivia. Wumarim's friends were very happy too.

The End

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Amelie D - Year 2
The Queen's Crown & the potion

"I must have that crown!" said Harold to himself. "It's the only opportunity I'll have and I've been waiting for years slaving away".

"Oh Harold, pour me some more tea" said the Queen, sitting in the White Drawing room, whilst she was preparing her speech to the public to deliver via Zoom.

"Be right there Your Highness" said Harold whilst he went to grab the tea pot.

Harold had been the Queen's Butler for 22 years. He'd bring her breakfast, her lunch, and dinner, provide her with tea and serve her snacks, wash her cloak…. He would work 12 hours a day and felt that he was never appreciated.

"This is my time... I deserve better than this" muttered Harold quietly to himself.

The Queen wasn't able to go out and perform a number of her royal duties and events had been cancelled because of the Coronavirus. The Queen's crown was therefore kept stored in the Throne Room in her safe. Harold had never been able to touch the crown, only three people including the Queen could touch it without gloves. He didn't know the number for the safe but he had a plan...

That night, whilst everyone had gone to sleep, Harold crept out of his bedroom. There was pin-drop silence. He quickly crept out into the long corridor and down the grand staircase. Most of the guards were outside. All of a sudden, he heard voices, and he quickly hid behind a statue of King George VI. He peeped around the back and saw one of the Queen's Guards walking passed and he waited until he had gone and quickly tiptoed to the end of the corridor, and turned left to go down the winding stair case to the cellar.

It was dark and Harold found a lantern. Nobody came to the cellar anymore and it was dark and eerie with large winding cobwebs. Harold had deliberately not dusted them away as they concealed his secret storage of potions that lay sitting on a table at the back. He'd been working on these potions for years, trying to get them right and last week, having tested it on a rat, he was sure that his potion and plan were finally ready.

"Ah, there you are! " he said. 'The perfect potion for my perfect plan! Now that Crown shall be mine". and he picked up a small glass bottle of potion and carefully placed it into his pocket.

The following morning at 6.30am as always, the Queen rang her bell for coffee. Harold knew her routine by now and already had the coffee prepared. He waited for Mary, the Queens's cook to leave the kitchen and then quickly took out the glass bottle of potion and placed a few drops into the Queen's coffee.

The Queen was sitting in her bedroom, reading the morning newspaper. "Bad news follows bad news.." tutted the Queen. Harold put the cup of coffee by the Queen's bedside. 'Thank you Harold' she said and then picked it up and out it to her mouth. Harold stayed frozen still, eagerly waiting to see what would happen. 'Now Harold, for lunch today, as we are having some guests... .', began the Queen as she sipped a few sips of her coffee... .'we shall have...' the Queen's voice suddenly began to change and became high pitched, almost like the cartoon version of the chipmunks. 'Harold, I don't quite feel right' said the Queen. Harold looked on in amazement, the Queen was shrinking before his very own eyes and before he knew it, she wasn't much bigger than the size of a pea.

Harold scooped her up in her hand and picked her up to eye level. 'Harold, what have you done' said the Queen 'I command you to put me down instantly'. 'I'm afraid that I can't do that' said Harold. 'You've got to help me first and tell me the code to your safe, else I'll squash you with my hands'. The Queen looked frightened and gave Harold the code. Harold put the Queen into a glass bottle and closed the lid. He's made a small hole so that the Queen was still able to breathe. He then slowly opened the door to the safe and before him was the sparkling crown sitting on a red velvet cushion. He picked it up and placed it into his rucksack along with the Queen in the glass bottle and closed the safe behind him and quickly made his way to the cellar again.

Harold knew that he had to act quickly before anyone knew that the Queen was missing. He placed the Queen in the glass bottle on the table and took the crown out of his bag. It was laden with diamonds and must have weighed at least 10kg. Harold couldn't resist and placed the crown on his head. 'It's a perfect fit' he said. "Now I shall melt it and sell it off in pieces and be rich and never have to work again!"

He then left and went to gather the rest of his clothes, leaving the Queen behind in the glass bottle. The Queen looked on as Harold left the cold dark cellar. "What am I supposed to do now?" thought the Queen. Suddenly, she had a thought. What if she tried to rock the bottle in the hope that it landed on the floor. She gave it a go and after a few turns in different directions, she managed to rock it to the floor, smashing it into pieces so that she was free. She crawled up to the top of the table and looked around. There were many glass bottles in front of her with different labels. Then she found one labelled 'antidote' and pushed it over and managed to unscrew the top. She had nothing to lose and so took a few sips. She started to feel all funny again and looked at her hands and feet as they began to get bigger. Before long, she was back to her normal size.
She made her way out and found Peter, one of her guards and explained what had happened.

Peter gathered all of the guards and made their way to Harold's room, just as he was escaping with a large suitcase. 'Seize him' said Peter 'and take him to the dungeons'. The guards took him by his arms and escorted him to the dungeons. The Queen in the meantime, grabbed her crown from the suitcase and put it back on her head. 'I'm never letting go of this crown again', I'll even go to bed with it!

The alarm clock went at 6.30am and the Queen woke up with Harold by her side pouring her a cup of coffee. The Queen looked up at him and said "Harold, I had the strangest dream last night that you had given me a potion to make me shrink and tried to steal my crown." 'I'd never do something like that to you Your Highness' said Harold.

The End

Short story review

Mrs Day
What a brilliant story Amelia! I loved the ending-would Harold really poison the Queen? Hmm, I'm not sure! You've used some great story language, which made it very interesting to read. Great work, well done!

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Louis P - Year 2
The Princess and the Potion

Many years ago, there lived a beautiful Princess called Sindy. She had white blonde flowing hair that trailed wonderfully down her back. Her skin was so smooth and tanned it glistened in the light. Sindy was very kind, always thinking of other people before herself. Often this wasn't always a good thing as being too trusting meant it got her into trouble sometimes.

Sindy lived in a majestic castle sat upon a steep mountain. A draw bridge protected it and many footmen guarded the castle to ensure Sindy and her family were safe. Many not very nice people for many years had tried to get into the castle – unsuccessfully! Before the Princess was born, the King built a moat around the castle grounds to protect it and the only way in was to walk carefully over a wobbly rope bridge which went over a steep waterfall filled with terrorising crocodiles. The King would do anything to protect his family, especially his daughter Princess Sindy.

Across the waterfall and beyond the mountains there lived in a dark cave on the side of the forest a wicked witch called Meaner. She was known by everyone to hold evil powers through the deadly potions she made to harm anyone that got in her way. Meaner was forced to live in a cave away from the rest of the land following the orders of the King. She had tried to capture Princess Sindy when she was a baby, but she was caught red-handed and banished from the Kingdom for life.

Meaner was never always mean. When she was younger, she was a famous popstar in a band called the 'Mighty Witches' – they were so popular they toured the world and had lots of number one hits. Everyone loved them. The band ended abruptly when Meaner quit for a solo career that never really took off. She was left with no money, no home and no friends. Meaner became mean… and spent the years to follow being MEAN to anyone or anything.

Princess loved nothing more than singing. That is all she did day and night. Her dream was to become a famous popstar, have number one hits and tour the world. Sindy wasn't allowed to go out of the castle because whilst Meaner was banished away by the King, he wanted to protect her from harm. Meaner often walked near the castle and heard Sindy's wonderful voice. She loved listening to it, but it brought back memories of when she was famous, and it made her angry. Meaner began to plot.

Late afternoon, a telegram arrived through the castle gates.

SINGING AUDITIONS at the Grande Oak, 6pm today.
Winner will receive a music contract and win £1 million pounds.

Princess Sindy saw this and was very excited. She wasn't interested in the money – she just wanted to sing. However, Sindy knew her father would not let her to go. With her father taking an afternoon nap, Sindy got ready in her best glittery clothes, she tiptoed out of the back-castle gate and headed off to the Grande Oak. She was determined to win! All she had ever dreamed of was to be a singer and this could be her chance she thought. Princess Sindy was excited and nervous at the same time.

As Sindy approached the Grande Oak she noticed it was all very quiet. Where was everyone she thought? As she got nearer, she noticed there was an older looking lady, who wasn't the most attractive and had an unusually familiar face sat behind a desk. "Come in, come in," the lady croaked. "I am Zasparella a music manager to the rich and famous looking for the next big star. Do you have what it takes?" "I think I do," Sindy replied. "I practise every day and I love singing."
"Let's see what you've got then."

Sindy took a step forward taking her place on the golden star that was on the floor and began to sing. It was the most wonderful voice Zasparella had ever heard. As Sindy hit the top note, she knew she had given it her best. As she finished singing her throat was dry and a little sore. Zasperella offered her a drink to soothe her throat, but what Sindy didn't know was Zasperella was Meana in disguise and only that morning she had made a horrid potion to ruin the Princess' life forever!

One troll's smelly sock, a cup of elephant's ear wax, two scary weird frogs' eyes, the deadly spit of a poisonous viper, a whole spider's strong and sticky web, five giants' fungal infested toenails and a spoonful of dried dragon's poo. This was the potion that Meana knew that would turn Princess Sindy into an ugly, disgusting looking troll and ruin her amazing singing voice forever.

Sindy stepped cautiously forward to pick up the unusual looking bottle from the table to take a drink. Just as she lifted the bottle to her mouth in charged her father the King shouting STOP RIGHT THERE! He had found the poster advertising the audition when he woke up from his nap and headed straight to the Grande Oak. He immediately knocked the bottle out of her hand, and it sploshed out all over Meana. Smoke began to rise from her hair, her face and body started to shrivel to the ground and before everyone's eyes she was left as a puddle of clothes on the floor.

Relieved and shocked Sindy gave her father a great big hug and thanked him for saving her. They both headed back to the castle glad the evil witch Meana was no more. Princess Sindy kept going with her singing and it wasn't long before she became a worldwide singing sensation, with her father supporting and protecting her as a music manager. They were a great team together.

Short story review

Mrs Day
What a great story Louis-such an interesting idea, so imaginative. I was glad that the evil witch didn't manage to ruin Sindy's voice! Great work Louis!

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Lily H - Year 2
A Day at the Beach

One lovely summers day I was at the beach in Bournemouth with my family. It was scorching hot so I wanted to have a swim in the sea.

As I got nearer to the water I noticed there was a big shape in the water and it was coming towards the beach. Suddenly a GIANT octopus jumped out of the water.

I tried to fight it but I couldn't keep it away from us. The octopus grabbed my little brother James and pulled him into the water. I jumped into the water and swam after them.

I chased them, I got angrier and angrier, then I felt a funny feeling in my legs. I looked down and realised my legs had turned into a tail. I had turned into a mermaid.

I remembered a story that my grandma had told me that some of our family had been mermaids. I thought it was a made up story but now I believe it was real.

I was so deep in the water I was getting worried that James couldn't breathe then I noticed that he had a tail as well and he had turned into a merboy. He swam super-fast around the octopus and made lots of bubbles around him. They were magic bubbles that tied the octopus's legs up in a knot.

Since we had our mermaid tails we decided to go for a nice swim in the sea. We swam for miles and miles. We even swam faster than the super speedy boats.

After a while in the sea it was time to get back and let mummy and daddy know we were safe and we were getting hungry. We decided not to have fish for dinner because we might be related.

The End

Short story review

Mrs Day
What a great story Lily! I loved the ending, when you didn't fancy having fish for tea! It was very exciting, especially when you grew a mermaid's tail. I wonder if you would you really like that to happen? Well done Lily!

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Elliot F - Year 2
Snowflake and the Spy Squad

Chapter 1: The Spy Squad
Hi, I'm Snowflake. You would think that being part of the Spy Squad would be frankly dangerous, wouldn't you? And you're a little bit right. It is dangerous, but it's also fun. You know, chatting to my team mates Sun Shine and Gale Storm. Rescuing with them, too.

Chapter 2: A near escape
Me, Sun and Gale were being chased by an oversized spotty lion with no mane. We got on our dragons – mine was green with blue stripes on her back, Gale's was purple with red spots, Sun's was turquoise with indigo squiggles. We mounted our steeds and zoomed away at hyper speed. We didn't stop until we reached the safety of the blackberry bush.

Chapter 3: The blackberry bush
The blackberry bush was vast and green. The protective layer protected us and the tree, which made Tiny Town. We got off our dragons and climbed the stairs to the Spy Squad Headquarters.

Chapter 4: The bad news
"You wanted to see us, boss?" I said nervously as we sat down. "I did indeed. We have just received a distress call from our friend Jack, who is stuck in a human home." "Oh no!" we gasped. "I know, it's bad."

Chapter 5: A bit about Jack
He was brave. Brave enough to venture too far into the human world.

Chapter 6: The mission
We set off. The human's house was on a very steep hill and we flew up it with ease. We slipped through an open window and found ourselves on a table in the human's front room. There was an upturned glass cup on the table and in it was Jack! We heard footsteps from the hall. "The human's coming!" exclaimed Sun. "Run!" yelled Gale. The human entered, saw us running across the table, grabbed his baseball bat and swung it at us. It hit me in the head and I fell off the table into blackness... down, down, down!

Chapter 7: The daring decision
A light breeze was ruffling my hair and I was rocking back and forth gently. I felt a little nervous at first because I could hear a strange hissing noise. My eyes snapped open. I was lying on the back of my dragon. Then, I remembered: Sun; Gale; Jack! I realised Sun or Gale must have set my dragon for home and gone back to get Jack by themselves. Then I thought they might be in danger, so I turned around and flew back to the human's house at light speed. When I slipped through the open window and onto the table, I saw Sun and Gale in the glass cup with Jack!

Chapter 8: The memorable move
We heard footsteps from the hall. "The human's coming!" shouted Sun. "Do something!" called Gale. The human entered, saw me, then made a lunge at me. I wheeled around and flew away across the room and the human followed. I circled the room once, leaped up and my dragon smashed the glass with his claws. While I was trying to outrun the human, Sun and Gale ran to their dragon's cage and picked at the lock. Meanwhile, I jumped onto the table and the human grabbed his baseball bat again and swung it at me. It hit me again and I fell into blackness… down, down, down!

Chapter 9: The new member
"Lucky the human had a big red fluffy thing on the floor when she fell." "I thought she was dead!" My eyes snapped open. I was lying on a bed in Tiny Town's hospital. Sun, Gale and Jack were standing over me. "Snow," said Jack, "you really scared us." "What happened?" I said, sitting up so suddenly that they gasped. "Well, we got our dragons out and tripped up the human. Then we lifted you on to your dragon and flew away" explained Sun. "But who drove my dragon?" "I did!" said Jack. "I know! Jack, we've been searching for a new member of the Spy Squad for a long time. Do you reckon you'd like the job?" "Of course!" said Jack, "But what can my name be?" "How about Winter Wild?" "Yeah," said Jack "that's a cool name – Winter Wild!"

Short story review

Mrs Day
What an exciting adventure story Elliot! I'm so glad that your characters managed to save Jack. You have really thought about the language you have used, which helped me to really imagine what was happening. I hope that you are going to write another adventure about Snowflake and Winter Wild soon.

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Demi M - Year 2
The Unicorn that can talk

Once upon a time I was looking for a deer in the woods, when all of a sudden I heard something in the bushes. I whispered to myself "someones there" so I crept forward slowly and there stood in front of me was a real life Unicorn! It was white in colour with a yellow horn on top of it's head, with rainbow colours through it's mane and slow moving wings attached to its body the glittered all different colours in the sun.

I asked the unicorn "what is your name?" The unicorn replied with a sad face "I don't have a name".
I put my hands on my hips and went into deep thought...... "I think we should call you Rainbow!"

We stood there for a momment and looked at each other in amazement. "I can't believe your real, can I have a go on your back and you fly?" I asked... Rainbow bowed her head in agreement for me to climb on. I felt a surge of excitment go through my body. "Thank you I shrieked!"
We swished and swooped through trees and over mountains, and then all of a sudden a dragon appeared out of nowhere. He looked very evil with his piercing eyes and yellow body. He crept out of his cave to catch us. "FLY FLY FLY" I screamed! The dragon was following us as we dashed through trees to try and escape. All of a sudden a Roe deer appeared from the mountain ahead, which took the dragons attention away. Thank goodness! We had lost the dragon once and for all!

Rainbow slowed down, and started to breath normally again. "Where are we going" I said. "To my house" Rainbow replied.
As we approached Rainbows home, it was beautiful, I was so excited to get a closer look. The only way I can describe it would be like a ginger bread house.

All of a sudden the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down thick and fast. It was strange as it was sunny at the same time. All of a sudden in the distance a huge rainbow appeared in the sky, it was magnificent, every colour was so clear.
As Rainbow let me off her back gently on the mountail top, she flew under the rainbow as I stood and watched. I had never seen such a thing, then all of a sudden a gush of wind came and I lost my balance and fell off the mountain, I screamed as I fell down. Rainbow spotted me and came to my rescue, I was so scared.... She darted towards me and caught me just in time, I clung onto her neck as I got my balance. "Phew, thankyou! That was close!"

Just when we thought things couldn't get worse we spotted the dragon heading our way. He looked hungry! "GO GO GO" I screamed! He was right behing us licking his lips like the big bad wolf. Rainbow took a quick left turn and went through a hole in a cave. The dragon followed, he was too big for the hole and got his head stuck. I shouted "asta la vista baby" with a huge grin on my face.

We never seen the dragon agin and the unicorn and the little girl lived happilly ever after.


Short story review

Mrs Day
Wow Demi, what an amzing story. You have used great language that really helps me to imagine you flying off on an adventure with your unicorn! I loved the ending, especially your 'asta levista' with a grin! Keep writing Demi!

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Claudia B - Year 2
A Cloudy Lesson

Hi, I'm cotton and I'm fluffy
I'm very, very puffy.

I like going on adventures anywhere
and exploring in the air

I think I'm a cloud, I don't know
but I don't get visitors a lot

I grumble and groan, and sometimes I moan
and when I do, some rain comes down too

When the sun comes up, I go away
but I will come and play another day.

Short story review

Mrs Day
I loved reading this poem all about clouds. I loved the idea that when clouds grumble and moan they produce rain!

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Louis P - Year 2
Potion Poem (in the style of the Witches Poem from Macbeth)

Triple Triple, boil and ripple
Into the cauldron goes a frog
Soon to be followed by half a dog.
Next goes in a squeeze of lemon,
Just before a juicy watermelon.
In goes one smelly sock,
Followed up with a great big rock.
Adding in a can of coke,
The smell of the mixture makes me choke.
Give it a stir with a large wooden spoon,
Put on the lid, the potion will be ready soon!

Short story review

Mrs Day
Well done Louis for completing my challenge! I really enjoyed reading your version of Shakespeare's poem, especially triple, triple, boil and ripple!

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Amelie D - Year 2
Amelie's Perilous Potion

Double trouble saucepan bubble
throw in a wiggly worm
that will make your tummy squirm
add a smelly sock
and a molten rock
the tail of a rat
and a wing of a bat
it should look like a pile of rubble!

Double trouble saucepan bubble
a spoon of ear wax
to help you relax
a pinch of snot
add it to the pot
a toe nail clipping
now it should be dripping
and ready for sipping.

The End

Short story review

Mrs Day
What a fantastic poem Amelie, I really enjoyed reading it, even though you made the potion sounds truely disgusting!

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Louis P - Year 2
Cook it up!

Twirling, swirly froth sploshing up and down, here and there,
Fizzing brightly purple, blue and turquoise bubbles through the air.

Smell the toxic fumes as it fills the room around me,
So strong it begins to make me feel very sick and dizzy.

Sizzling, whizzing, popping from the potion into my ears,
Praying that soon I will rid Grandma's evil, ugly sneers.

Pouring in the final solution, it spits, it sparks, it sprays,
Grandma I hope will soon disappear into a hot fiery blaze.

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Claudia B - Year 2
A Dinosaur Under Your Bed

Have you ever had a dinosaur under your bed
Trying to eat no meat, but your toes instead

Are you scared or are you not?
These extinct animals don't anymore full stop!

If there's a shadow don't be scared,
it might try to eat you but that's in your head.

Some are herbivores and some are not,
they might be carnivores but that is just talk.

If you see a dinosaur don't be ashamed
It might roar but it is definitely shaved!

Some dinosaurs sometimes smell and
the rest of them are sweet as a bell.

Some dinosaurs are slow then they're fast than ever
They they will be a see you later Trevor!

Hope you have a roar-some day . . ROOAARRR!

Short story review

Mrs Day
What a roarrringly funny rhyming poem Claudia, I bet you had a lot of fun writing it!

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Amelie D - Year 2

Have you ever been so absorbed in a book, a jig-saw, a computer game or maybe just your own thoughts? Well Alice Winter's love for wildlife led her into trouble but luckily I get to tell you the story and maybe we can all learn a lesson from her experience.

Chapter 1

It all started on a beautiful Sunday morning. It was Alice Winter's eighth birthday and she awoke the most excited girl in the whole of England. Alice, an only child swung open her wardrobe and reached for her favourite "Rocking Robin" dress that she had saved especially for her birthday to wear. The dress had a cute little Robin on the front and was all fluffy and warm - great for being out in the open.

"Alice?" called her mum excitedly."Breakfast is ready!"

Alice grabbed her glasses and rushed downstairs as quickly as her little legs could carry her. She knew it would be a special birthday breakfast today with all her favourite foods. There were apple and cinnamon muffins, toast, bacon and baked beans!!

"Would you like to know what your present is?" said Mum.

Alice glanced up from her plate, her mouth stuffed half full of toast. She mumbled, nodding her head enthusiastically.

"Today your father and I have planned a picnic in Worley Wood".

For most eight year old girls spending an afternoon at Worley Wood would be considered really awful. Worley Wood was a large scraggy dark, cold wood at the edge of town. Few people ventured there. It was rough and rugged and the other children at school often whispered rumours of there being a wicked old witch who lived there. Alice didn't believe this and only knew that it was packed full of every type of wildlife. Alice adored the idea of spending the afternoon there!

Her Father sat down at the table smiling.

"Here you go my little Munchkin" he said, handing her a present that looked as if he had roughly wrapped up just a minute before.

"Thanks Dad!" she yelled tearing open the wrapping paper.

Inside lay a pristine pair of binoculars. Now like I said before most eight year old girls would not appreciate binoculars but for Alice it was the best present in the world!

Chapter 2

Alice and her mum and dad arrived at a clearing in the woods. The tall trees provided plenty of shade. Alice's mum unravelled the picnic blanket and began to lay out the freshly made sandwiches. Alice quickly finished her plate, hopped up, grabbed her new binoculars and ran around searching for unusual birds.

A little Robin suddenly appeared in the tree above and was hopping from one branch to another. Alice wondered further in to the woods trying to keep up. She was so interested in the robin that she lost track of where she was and before she knew it, she was lost. Oh no! It started to get dark very quickly and Alice started to panic. She was very scared and was wondering if the wicked Witch of Worley Wood was real and going to get her!

Suddenly she heard a deep growl. It was a big black bear! Alice ran as fast as she could terrified that she would be gobbled up. She tripped and fell, causing her glasses to fall and crack. She thought she was doomed as could just about make out the beady eyes of the ferocious bear, drooling with hunger and towering over her.

All of a sudden a hooded figure jumped in front of the bear waving a flame.
"Be off with you! Shoo!" shouted the figure towering above Alice. The bear ran away whimpering like a baby.
"Who are you?" said Alice forgetting her manners. "Err ... I mean.. Thank you!!"

The tall cloaked figure looked down calmly offering her hand to Alice to help her get up. She pulled her hood back revealing that actually she was a nice old lady.

"Hello, little girl, my name is Eileen".

Chapter 3

Eileen was a very nice friendly old lady. She explained to Alice that she lived alone in the wood in an old little shack. She too loved wildlife so although she was poor and had no friends, she was happy in that she was surrounded by animals and nature.

Eileen took Alice back to the edge of the picnic zone and said goodbye to Alice. Her mum and dad were waiting, frantically worried. When they saw Alice they ran across to her and hugged her very tightly. They all cried with joy. Alice's dad told her off and told her never to run away like that again!

The next day Alice was at School and wanted to do a "Show and Tell" about her birthday weekend. She told the class about what happened and about how scared she was. Then she told everyone about the old lady and how kind she had been.

The teacher, Mrs Night enjoyed Alice's story. For their homework she asked the class to explain the meaning of the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover".

After hearing Alice's story, the children never mentioned the Witch of Worley Wood again.

The end.

Short story review

Mrs Day
What a lovely story Amelia, with a really important moral. I loved how you made me feel nervous that Alice would be eaten by a bear! You have also used some great vocabulary such as pristine. I look forward to reading your next short story!

Ms Seccull
I love all the detail you have included in your story Amelie - it really made it easy to image myself in Alice's shoes. I especially liked your description of the wood - "Worley Wood was a large scraggy dark, cold wood at the edge of town. Few people ventured there. It was rough and rugged and the other children at school often whispered rumours of there being a wicked old witch who lived there." - it made me shiver. I also loved that you called your fictional teacher Mrs Night!

Oscar M - Year 5
I thought you did a great job on your story Amelie. The descriptions were amazing and really stood out. When I finished the first chapter I wanted to keep on reading and when the story finished I was disappointed it was over because it was such a good story. The description of the rocking robin top was so good I could almost feel it.

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Claudia B - Year 2
Bad Days for Pip
Chapter 1

Once there was a girl called Mia Thorn Rose. She lived with her Mum and Dad and little Cockapoo called Pip. Mia had wavy blonde hair and eyes as blue as the sky. She always had her hair in a plait. She didn't care what clothes she wore.

One day she went to watch Pip play the league Champions Football for dogs. But something happened . . everyone had to go on lockdown for 3 whole weeks. Pip was so sad, Mia was sad too, but something popped into Mia's head. She had a plan. She walked over to Pip and whispered in his ear. Pip was so happy, he almost burst out with joy.

So they walked to the museum but it was closed. Pip was even more sad. So they went home to build lego. They built submarines, shipwrecks - it was the best day for Pip. He forgot about the lockdown and even the museum being closed.

But when they finished lego, Mia saw Pip - he was sad. So she went to talk to him but Pip didn't want to speak because he was sad. Mia said to Pip it is okay to talk to someone when you are sad because it might make you happy. And Mia was absolutely correct because it made Mia even happier.

Chapter 2

Mia and Pip went for a walk. They were tired so they went home. Suddenly there was a knock at the door - it was their Mum. She looked sad as she had lost her hat. She had it on her desk then when she turned around it was gone. Pip and Mia were shocked, so they said they would find it. This made Mum very happy.

So they set to work - they looked everywhere, no hat. They asked the neighbours, still no hat. Their hands were empty and it was almost nighttime. So they said they would find it in the morning and went to bed. Well . . . not everyone. Mia and Pip were outside checking if the hat was in the bush but just as they were going into the house there was a figure standing right in front of them! They were very scared but they noticed something - mother's hat!

Chapter 3

Suddenly Mia and Pip were face to face with the stranger wearing Mum's hat. They tried to get the hat - it was no use, the stranger was gone. They followed the stranger and ended at a dead end. The shadow faded and the sunlight came and they knew who it was - it was Indi, Mia's friend. Mia was confused - Indi would never steal and besides she is too young to go out.

Indi, who's name is Indigo explained how she got the hat. Mia was super angry but not as angry as Pip and Mia's mother.

Miss Nose spoke to Indigo's Mum who was angry and Mia was not happy and said she did not want to be her friend. Indi was sad and she ran to her room and cried. She did not want to come out until Mia had left her house. Mia's Mum was so angry with Mia, but Mia and Pip did not care, they just kept walking, giggling to themselves, but then they noticed they were on the naughty step. But when they woke up they knew it was just a dream.

Chapter 4

The compartment started to move ... Mia and Pip were confused. All of a sudden they realised they were on a train so they went to the front of the train but no-one was there. Then they saw their friends Mal, Eve, Jay and Carlos with Indigo and she did not look happy, actually she was the opposite of happy. She was angry when she saw them but when Mal, Eve, Jay and Carlos saw them they rushed over and forgot all about Indigo.

When they rushed over they told them they were on the Highland Falcon - they were surprised. But then they saw a kangeroo dancing they were even more shocked and they noticed they were in Australia. They almost jumped out of their skin with the whistle going tooooooot toooooooot, then it started going chuka chuka chuka, and then it went bump bump bump.

What was the Highland Falcon? What were they doing in Australia? Where would their adventures take them next?

Chapter 5

So, they went off the train and went to the beach in Sydney and had some chips. All of a sudden, as Mia was about to put a chip in her mouth, a Kookaburra swooped down and stole the chip, and whilst it was there it cut Mia's lip open. It started to bleed, so Pip went to ask if he could borrow some tissue from a lifeguard. The lifeguard's name was Max and he was 16 years old. He was so nice. He said yes he would let him have some tissue and some stitches just in-case it was really bad.

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Mrs Day
Wow, Claudia, what a busy, adventurous story! That would be an adventure if you were suddenly on a train that whizzed you all the way to Australia! I look forward to hearing more adventures of Pip.

Ms Seccull
Woah Claudia! Pip and Mia are having a whole muddle of adventures here. I wonder if you could take your favourite chapter and develop it into a more detailed short story of its own? I'd love to hear more about the journey on the Highland Falcon.

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Louis P - Year 2
The Mysterious Miniscule Castle
Chapter 1
Hidden deep into the darkest woods, and behind a woven maze of branches stood a mysteriously miniscule, enchanted castle. To any human's eye it could easily be missed amongst the dense woodland floor and the towering trees. Only the truly lucky noticed the tiniest of turrets; only the truly brave dared to go near...

For inside the castle lived the tiniest of creatures. Woodland Pixies lived in the castle to guard the Enchanted Ring which held tightly a secret key - a key that held ruling powers over the whole woodland and all that belonged to it.

Right on the edge of the woodland, near to the stream and by the old wooden bridge lived an evil, unpleasant and scheming troll. This area was the perfect habitat for trolls as it was dark, damp and swampy. Trickster the Troll forever dreamed that one day he would steal the ring and rule over the Woodland once and for all.

On the other side of the woodland, beyond the river and past the hills lived a young boy called Rooster. It wasn't his real name, but his friends called him this because he sold chickens at the local food market. Rooster was funny, adventurous and loved getting into mischief. He was a smallish boy which he made up for in courage and confidence. If Rooster wasn't out and about causing trouble, he was playing in the woods with his friends.

Short story review
Mrs Day - Year 2
I really enjoyed reading your story so far, Louis. You really made me imagine that I was there, looking in on a tiny castle. It is also action packed and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens to Rooster and whether he can escape from Rooster! Keep writing Louis!

Chapter 2

On his 10th birthday, his friends organised a surprise for Rooster in the woods, they had made him his favourite meat mud pie and arranged for him to meet in the woods at noon. Meat mud pie was Rooster's favourite meal ever! He headed off into the woods to meet his friends, but nobody was there "where was everyone? SURPRISE!" his friends shouted and jumped out from behind the trees. Rooster jumped in fright like a lion pouncing on his prey. He was so happy to see his friends and to eat the amazing met mud pie they had given to him as a present. The boys headed down to the river to play.

Trip... Trapp... Trip... Trap... where was the noise coming from Rooster thought to himself. They all heard the noise again. Trip... Trapp... Trip... Trap... Over the bridge in the distance they could see an unusual, ghastly looking creature trudging towards them grunting like a warthog. The boys had never seen anything like it before.

"What are you doing on my property? If you don't leave now you will be sorry!" grunted Trickster. "Your property."  snorted Rooster, "we can go wherever we like."

But before Rooster could say anymore, Trickster grabbed him, wrapped him in a net and flung him over his shoulder. Rooster's friends ran; afraid that they too would be captured.

Rooster tried to scramble out of the net, but it was no use as Trickster had it held tight. Trickster headed into his cave at the edge of the woodland and threw him into a cage, padlocking it behind him. There was no way Rooster could escape him now.

Chapter 3

Days and nights passed, and Rooster still hadn't escaped. Hungry and thirsty, he kept thinking of plans to be free, and what he could do to take revenge on the troll.

Trickster left the cave early one morning. He had continued deep into the woodlands in search of the Enchanted Ring within the Mysterious Miniscule Castle. Never had he ever found it, but he was feeling very lucky today. In the distance, a purple haze of light glowed amongst the woven branches. Could this be what he has been looking for? Trickster more determined that ever kept going until he reached what looked like the smallest castle he had ever seen. He wondered who might live in it "" he had heard about it being guarded by small creatures but had never seen one for himself. Trickster peered through the window. Peering back was the face of one of those creatures "" a Woodland Pixie.

"Who are you and what are you doing outside our castle?" yelled the Pixie.

"I am Trickster and I need your help. A boy is stuck in a cave and he needs you to help him get free. I have tried but couldn't undo the lock. Maybe you can help him. Please come quick." Trickster was up to no good again. The Pixies got together and headed towards the edge of the woodland in the direction Trickster told them to go, to search for the boy and rescue him.

Trickster however waited for them to be out of sight and as soon as they were, he opened the main door. He couldn't fit through it so reached his arm within the main entrance and grabbed the glass case holding the Enchanted Ring. It was his! Finally, 'HE' could rule over the woodland and all that is in it!

Chapter 4

Trickster ran off towards the cave to see what was happening. But when he got there it was quiet and no one, not even the boy could be seen. The cage was empty. Where were the Pixies? Where was the boy?

Before he could turn around to look as large net fell upon Trickster and the Pixies worked together to tie it up at his feet which made him fall to the ground. THUD! Rooster was feeling weak but managed to help the pixies roll the troll into the cave and into the cage. They used the magic key on the enchanted ring to lock the cage forever.

Never again did the pixies or Rooster hear or see the troll again. Rooster was invited back to the Pixie's castle for a banquet to celebrate their victory. He had a great time but had to stay outside as he was way too big to fit into the castle.

The End

Short story review
Ms Seccull
What a great story Louis - I like the way you have drawn of lots of traditional tales and quest stories you are familiar with. Your simile 'Rooster jumped in fright like a lion pouncing on his prey' was impressive. Good to see you outside on our North Leigh Community at home page too!

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