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It is so nice to read stories, meeting people and things we would usually never meet even if we lived forever. It is even better to write stories which may be sitting in the back of your head, bringing to life that lovely flower that talks, cuddly animal that hates being cuddled or feet that can help you run a mile in two minutes.

Even better is to see writing published - and here is the chance to do something that will mean your short story is read by lots of other people. Who knows, you may even become as famous as J. K. Rowling.

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Rhys W - Year 3
Fabulous Tales of Fruit and Veg

The fruit jumped out of the fruit bowl
That was hanging near the shack
Out came all the grapes
and they all went tumbling back.

My Mum loves gin and tonic
She slugs the whole lot down
The limes aren't very impressed
They frown and leave the town.

The plums call on telephones
They ring me back and forth
They'd like to visit me but
They don't know the way North.

Pineapple's pretty awesome
He hangs out by the fridge
He kung-foos all the pigs.

Broccoli is my favourite food
But my Mum will never buy it
I kick up a fuss and attitude
But my Mum won't even try it.

The bananas are a funny bunch
I like to eat them with my lunch

Slugs and snails eat the fruit
That's growing in the garden
It makes the fruit all grumpy
And say "I beg your pardon!"

Apples and plums grow on the trees
I wait for them to fall
But the squirrels get there first
And it makes them very tall.

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Thomas D - Year 3

Mo the monkey lived in a treehouse in the middle of jiggle jungle. Running through jiggle jungle was jiggle river. Mo lived with his mum, dad and little brother Jack. Now Jack loved to get up to mischief and it was Mo's job to look after him but one day Jack's mischief went too far. One night Mo woke up to a army of people made out of Lego. Mo raced outside but he was too late. Jack's lego army had conquered the entire jungle. Mo rushed over to the phone to call Batman for help but Batman was busy so he called superman. Superman was busy too. So Mo decided to call banana man instead. 3 Hours later banana man arrived. Banana man put free food signs all over the jungle. The Lego figures carried their leader Jack to where they thought the free food was. Banana man boarded a spaceship and put lots of food on it. The Lego figures and Jack went on the spaceship and were happily munching away when Banana man pressed the launch button, grabbed Jack and jumped off the spaceship. The spaceship blasted off to Mars and the Lego army was never seen again. Banana man had saved the day and Jack went home with Mo. The End.

Short story review
Mrs Mason
It's a good job Banana man wasn't too busy to come to Mo's aid. When the other superheroes refused to help, it reminded me a little of The Little Red Hen story. Jack was lucky to have such a quick thinking big brother. I thought the idea of enticing the army with free food was a great idea. The enemy munched their way to defeat! Well done Thomas. Everyone loves a good superhero adventure story.

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George P - Year 3
Billy Burper

Once there lived a boy called Billy, Billy was a burper, he burped all the time, he did lots of different types of burps like….squeaky burps, stink bombs, singing ones, seven in a row burps, a burp attacker and worst of all a burping tornado. A lot of the time he made people faint, he made his family evacuate the dinner table and sometimes the house!

One day Billy Burper woke up and went to school, Billy didn't have any friend's at school because he burped at everyone, he didn't mind though as his burps kept him entertained throughout the day. He'd sat through English, they'd been learning about the Ancient Egyptians and Billy had been daydreaming wondering what it would be like to burp inside a pyramid. Billy was now in Maths, the teacher Mrs Marron had given Billy detention for the sixth time for burping his two times tables and disrupting the class rather than answering the question she'd asked him. Billy wanted to get his revenge so he started making a plan... .

That evening he told the plan to his hamster Spock, Spock had no idea what Billy was saying but ran around his hamster wheel happily. Billy took this as a good sign and he was so excited he went to bed early so that he'd get to school quicker.

Billy woke early, he had breakfast, cleaned his teeth and got dressed all without being asked, his parents didn't know what was happening and took it as a good sign that he was finally growing up and had a cup of tea in celebration. Billy rushed to school, Maths was his first lesson of the day and he was so pleased he would not have to wait long to start his plan. Mrs Marron was at the front of the class taking the register; "Jenny?", "Here Miss"; "John?", "Here Mrs Marron"; "Bob?", "Here"; Billy took in a deep breath it was about to be his turn, "Billy?" ...Billy let out a massive BBBBUUUUUURRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP the classroom started to shake, Mrs Marron and his classmates began to scream as they noticed the walls were starting to crack and bricks began falling. The whole school was collapsing, children were running for their lives whilst the teachers were trying to get everyone out safely. Bricks, tables and chairs were beginning to swirl round, Billy had begun his burp tornado!

The tornado grew bigger and bigger; it took in trees, fences, cars, buses, it was building up speed and started moving down the street sucking up houses as it went. Billy was over the moon with his creation, he couldn't believe the size of it. Suddenly it changed direction, Billy started to run as fast as he could away from the tornado but Billy wasn't fast enough, he was sucked up into it as well, being spun around and around he was finally spat out of the top and catapulted to the moon, where he was stuck forever.

His mum and dad had no idea where Billy ended up, they were very sad and waited for years hoping he'd return back home.

The End.

Short story review
Mrs Mason
This story made me laugh lots George. It reminded me of a little boy I knew who could burp his way through the alphabet! I can see why Billy found himself in a bit of bother though at school. I had a little chuckle when Billy's parents had a cup of tea to celebrate his being able to get ready for school without being asked! What a sad ending though. I hadn't predicted the burp tornado going wrong. How about writing a "Billy Burper Returns for More Mischief" episode. I think I rather like this character. He sounds fun!

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Evie W - Year 3

One day me and my family went to Ashley wood to go to the park there.When we go there we saw no one was there we were therefore puzzled we decided to look around when we saw a man shouting at us''stop right there there is a tiger on there loose we must trap it and feed it to take it back to the zoo.''Oh no.'' Said worried mum. ‘'We must look out for this tiger. I thought in my head this will be an adventure. ''follow me.'' Said the mysterious man. We all followed him we got there he said''my name is joe''.I will tell you my story it all started when i went to this park two years ago with my sister but i lost her in the park then i was alone.''who was your sisters name.''said mum.''Her name was Alice is loved her very much.'' Mum said‘'I am your sister because my name is Alice.'' Now we better get that tiger.'' Said dad.yes we should mate.''said joe.'' I was thinking this was going to be the best day of my life.''finally we found the tiger . Joe said''NOW''.me and dad put the cage on top of the tiger and we fed it a pumpkin.I maybe next time we can go on a longer adventure.

Short story review
Mrs Mason
Good job you and your family were able to capture the tiger safely. He sounds like quite a well behaved tiger as he obediently let Joe put him in the cage. Pumpkin is an interesting food to feed your tiger. Did he like it? Well done for including some character speech and for using inverted commas. Where will your family go next on your adventures. I'd love to find out more about your characters and what they are like.

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Charlotte J - Year 3
A true story about my brave cat Giggles

In Dubai, when Giggles was little her owner bought her and brought her to the home where there were two big dogs.
She had a really nice life there until one day her owner suddenly died.
Giggles and the two dogs were really worried.
Giggles set off on a mission to find someone to help them, meanwhile the dogs were trying to find out what had happened to their owner.

Finally Giggles found someone to help and brought that person to the house where they discovered the dead owner and the animals with no food or water.

They were taken to an animal shelter where they were treated nicely and had food and water.
We adopted Giggles but sadly the animals were split up.
Giggles came to live with us in our apartment, when she came to live with us she was really scared and hid under the bed.

She was always nervous of men wearing big black boots because we think she had been kicked by those men and being treated in a cruel way.

She lived with us for 5 years in Dubai, then she came back to England on an airplane
She is very happy chasing other cats away

I love Giggles. She is my best friend.

Now i'm looking for a puppy to adopt that doesn't have a family. Giggles is probably going to be the dominant one!

Short story review
Mrs Mason
This is a lovely story of rescue and restoration Charlotte - full of hope and happiness. I could really hear hints of our guided reading text "Varjak Paw" behind some of your description and ideas. It's great when we can weave aspects of our reading into our creative writing. I can understand why Giggles was feeling scared after being separated from the other animals but with time, love and care, she was able to develop confidence and a new sense of freedom.

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Anna M - Year 3
Frankie and Matilda

Once upon a time there lived two dogs named Frankie and Matilda. They lived in a country called Romania. Their owners were beating them with sticks and left them to die on the streets. The two puppies had to find their own food and shelter under a broken car.

One day rescuers spotted them and tried to get them from under the car, but Frankie and Mathilda were so scared of humans they wouldn't come out. It took a week to rescue them. They were taken to an animal shelter where they were fed and cleaned. Then they were put on a truck and taken across Europe to England, where they were placed into a foster home.

The family next door fell in love with Frankie and Matilda. They didn't want to separate them so they decided to adopt both puppies. Frankie and Matilda had found their forever home and they lived happily ever after.


PS This is a true story.

Short story review
Mrs Mason
This is a beautifully retold true story Anna. What a sad start in life Frankie and Mathilda had. I'm so glad that these two puppies have found their forever home where they will have so much love and fun with their new family. Thank you for sharing this happy ending tale with with us.

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Sophie M - Year 3
The two unicorn sisters

Once upon a time there were two unicorns. The older one was called Eva, she could control rainbows. The younger sister was called Maddie and she controlled the wind. One day the two sisters were playing and got into a fight about who had the best power. Then Maddie got so angry she blew Eva in to a unicorn cage and left her in the dark. The next day Eva was gone!! Maddie went looking for her and discovered that she had been captured by the dangerous unicorn catcher.

In order to save Eva, Maddie had to go through the unicorn catcher, but he was too powerful. Maddie tried really hard but she just couldn't do it. Then she had an idea. She hadn't been using her powers! Using her mighty unicorn horn she created the biggest wind storm which blew the unicorn catcher far, far away where he was stuck for eternity.

Maddie rescued Eva and using her sister's unicorn power they climbed up to the top of the rainbow and slid home. Then Maddie and Eva realised that both their powers were equally good and they apologised to each other and promised to never get into a fight again.

Short story review
Mrs Mason
Sophie this is a wonderful fairy tale of sibling rivalry and "fallings out" but ends with a powerful moral: the importance of recognising we are all unique with individual qualities and personalities whilst discovering that we are all as equally important as one another. I love the way your characters offered and accepted forgiveness and moved on stronger, learning from their experience. This is the subject of many famous and not-so famous stories.

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George P - Year 3
Jaydon the Jaguar and the Hunter

Once there lived a jaguar called Jaydon, he was a very nice animal who had a lot of friends especially another jaguar called George , they were best friends. Right now you might be wondering how they are best buddies, well it all started one ordinary day in the Amazon rainforest whilst George and Jaydon were washing on opposite sides of the river. They both saw a man with a gun creeping slowly through the trees heading towards Freddie the Frog, they both gasped in horror and ran as quickly as they could bounding over fallen logs and through long grass until they were close to the hunter, they both let out a massive Rooooooaaaarrrrrrrrrr and the hunter turned and ran as fast as he could away, Freddie was saved! Freddie thanked Jaydon and George and introduced them to each other, the three friends spent the rest of the day playing together and the jaguars arranged to meet up the following day.

The next day Jaydon and George met in the middle of the jungle, they talked about their favourite things and discovered that they both liked forest football. As they were talking they saw that the hunter was back, angier than ever, this time he had an even bigger gun it was massive, the hunter could hardly carry it. George and Jaydon both hurried to the animal jungle police where they found Layton the Leopard and asked him "Layton, can you put the hunter into prison?". Layton went out in search of the hunter, he tracked him down and found him setting traps along the river bank. Layton sneaked up on the hunter and jumped out at him pushing the hunter into his own trap. The hunter was captured and sent to prison for a long time, the jungle was safe again. Jaydon and George met everyday to play forest football together and were best friends. The End.

Short story review
Mrs Mason
This is an exciting rainforest adventure George - so relieved it had a happy and safe ending and that your characters were able to deal with the hunter once and for all. I like your use of alliteration and vocabulary choices: bounding, captured, tracked and creeping slowly. Well done for moving your story on with adverbials of time and linking ideas with a variety of conjunctions: whilst, as and until. I wonder where Jaydon the jaguar will travel next and what disasters he will need to prevent?

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William H - Year 3

Once upon a time there was a superhero called Crime Fighting Craig. His super powers were the power to fly and turn invisible.

Craig was watching Dantdm when he heard a crime alert! It was about the Evil Sausage who is the most powerful Villain in the world. Evil Sausage has been crushing major cities of the world. He is a million metres tall, he has a protective layer so he can't be eaten and you know he is coming because he smells like a BBQ.

Evil Sausage was heading towards London to destroy it and take over it. When he got there, he was surprised to see every superhero in the world ready to destroy him. All the superheroes combined their super powers together and summed the Rainbow Fighter. People thought it was a myth but together they were able to bring it to life . Together all the superheroes destroyed his protective layer and then the rainbow fighter got a knife and chopped him up and they all enjoyed eating the Evil Sausage for dinner.

The end.

Short story review
Mrs Mason
This is a fun superhero adventure story William. I had to laugh when Evil Sausage arrived in town smelling like a BBQ. I particularly like your choice of vocabulary: summoned, combined and protective. Who will Crime Fighting Craig destroy next? and will he also be eaten for dinner by a herd of superheroes? I can see how you could turn your ideas into a series of mini chapters. I shall look forward to reading the next installment!

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Evan B - Year 3
Dash - the hedgehog

Dash was a little boy called Evan who mysteriously changed into Dash the hedgehog when a school science experiment went wrong.

Someone in Evan's class had accidentally knocked over the special serum they were working on, to give hedgehogs superpowers, and it all came over Evan. It transformed him into Dash the hedgehog.

Dash had all kinds of superpowers even though he was just a hedgehog.

He could fly, run faster than light and turn into a hedgehog ball to roll around very quickly to get away from enemies. He shot out hedgehog spikes to defeat baddies and his spikes have always grown back after, stronger and bigger.

Dash helped everyone from Witney to New York to be protected and safe from evil and soon he was the most famous, talented and best superhero in the world.

Short story review
Mrs Mason
I was really pleased to see your adventure story Evan. Well done! Dash the hedgehog sounds like the sort of friend you would want to know and keep close. I really like the way his spikes defeat his baddies and then grow back again ready for the next time they are required. Will Dash the hedgehog be transformed back into Evan the little boy? Or does he stay a superhero for ever?

Ms Seccull
What an original superhero Evan - with a really interesting back story about a science experiment going wrong. Maybe you could write another story telling of one of Dash's great adventures?

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Zarah C - Year 3

Chapter 1
Once upon a time, there lived an ordinary girl called Mary. She lived with her mom, dad and she had lots of teddies. She didn't believe in fairies because she thought they were silly. Although, she didn't believe in fairies, on her bean plant there stood the gates of Fairyland.

Chapter 2
One day the king and queen of Fairyland were visiting the small village of Merryland to see the wise old pixie. Their village was made of teddies. But something dreadful happened the day before the king and queen were coming. The giant, Grumpy was going home from a day's work. Of course, it only took three steps for Grumpy to get across Merryland. After Grumpy had passed through everything was destroyed. The pixies and fairies stared in horror. "What has happened to our land?" said one of the pixies. "I know what we can do now," said Humpy Hiddlehump. "We can call the girl that lives in the house to use her teddies to fix our land." cried Greeneyes. "But she doesn't believe in fairies!" cried another pixie. "Well we'll just have to try and convince her." said Greeneyes.

Chapter 3
So Humpy Hiddlehump set off to the girls' house. He woke her up and told her to bring all her teddies to fix Merryland. Then, they went back to gates of Fairyland. The girl helped them to build everything again. After they finished the girl said, "Now I believe in fairies!" So, she trudged back to her house and went to bed forgetting to take her dressing gown off. In the morning her mother asked her why she had her dressing gown on, but she didn't reply. Back at Merryland the king and queen had arrived. They thought the village was wonderful. They had a great time there and every day the girl came to visit them.

The End

Short story review
Mrs Mason
I really like a fairy tale adventure with a happy ending Zarah. This time there were two happy endings - Merryland was restored to its glorious splendour just in time for a visit from the King and Queen and Mary was convinced by the existence of fairies. It was a good job she had a bedroom crammed full of wonderful teddies to help repair the damage caused by Grumpy the Giant.
Well done Zarah - great chapter story.

Ms Seccull
Zarah I love the magical settings you've created - Fairy Land and Merryland village made of teddies! It reminded me a bit of the lands created by Enid Blton in the Far Away Tree.

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William M - Year 3
Harry the Herbivore Hyena

One day a kind hyena named Harry, had just woken up on a very sunny day. The pack leader shouted "come on, it's hunting time!" But instead of bringing back juicy fresh meat he brought back lots of fruit and veg.

The next day parrot came round to Harrys dark, shady den and said "are you having a laugh, you're a predator not a herbivore!" Harry said "but I don't really want to eat animals anymore!" All of the animals very slowly poked their heads out of their dens and their heads were as still as a statue and their mouths dropped open. The next day William the bat eared fox came climbing in to Harry's dark den and shouted "are you out of your mind? You are a predator!

"˜But I don't like eating meat, I don't and I won't!" Harry exclaimed.

One morning Harry tiptoed through the woods trying not to make a noise, until he saw a little sand coloured head popping out of a sandy hill, it was Maddie the meerkat. Maddie said "do you know that you are a predator?" Harry raised his eyes and said "that's what they all say". When he went back to the dens Harry looked in all of them, they were empty. Five minutes later Harry was surrounded by hyenas. All at once they shouted "YOU'RE A PREDATOR!"

Harry knew it was going to be hard to convince the others that he just didn't want to eat meat and that fruit and veg was soooo tasty. He told them that was just the way he was and what he liked. They laughed.

To this day Harry is still not eating meat and is running a very successful fruit and veg stall in the savannah. The others don't shout at him anymore for not eating meat and they buy his delicious produce.

Short story review
Mrs Mason
I love your veggie eating predator story William. It really made me laugh. I could just imagine Harry the hyena groaning when he kept having to explain to all the other predator characters that meat was no longer for him! Sounds like he did a good job persuading them all to eat more fruit and veg. I wonder what Harry's favourite veg is? Do you have a favourite William? Great alliteration in your story title.
Well done!

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Maddie M - Year 3
A Walk in the Woods

One Saturday I went to Pinsley Woods. That Saturday the sun was as bright as a candle. My family and I strolled through the woods, listening to all the birds and the trees blowing in the wind. The leaves rustled and blew around, the birds made a tweet, tweet sound and flew above us.

A few minutes later we reached a rope swing dangling from a large, old oak tree. The rope was long and went up a steep hill. At the bottom of the hill there was a big, brown pile of logs. Five minutes later I went on the swing, I shouted "˜AGGGHHHHHH, this is sooooo fun!" Then it was Williams turn. After that we took turns of going on the swing.

When William went on for his last go he said "this is so much fun, can have more goes please?" Daddy said "okay, one more go".

Half an hour later we left the swing and found a place to have our picnic in a little space under the trees in the dappled sunlight. We had some chocolate chip cookies, they were yummy. After that Daddy taught both of us how to whittle a stick. Whilst we were whittling sticks my mummy was trying to make a fire, with two sticks.

When it started to get colder we made our way back home through the woods, wondering what adventure we would get up to next time.

Short story review
Mrs Mason
What a visually descriptive recount story Maddie. Your carefully chosen adjectives helped me to create pictures of all that you saw on your walk. I particularly liked your simile in the first line and "dappled sunlight". Whittling a stick sounds fun! Well done Maddie. I really enjoyed reading your writing. Thank you.

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