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It is so nice to read stories, meeting people and things we would usually never meet even if we lived forever. It is even better to write stories which may be sitting in the back of your head, bringing to life that lovely flower that talks, cuddly animal that hates being cuddled or feet that can help you run a mile in two minutes.

Even better is to see writing published - and here is the chance to do something that will mean your short story is read by lots of other people. Who knows, you may even become as famous as J. K. Rowling.

How best to submit your story? Using a word processing programme such as Word, write your story (maximum 500 words). Spell check and make sure the punctuation and grammar are as good as you can get it. Save your story! Then copy and paste into the correct field below. Complete the other fields and press the submit button. We will check the story to make sure it is suitable for publication on this web site and then publish - typically this takes 24 to 48 hours. When your work is published tell all your friends about it!

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Naomi - Year 6
what go's on at midnight

Part 1 introductions
i'f you were a monster what wold you be big foot , a goblin , a dragon or a dog wearing a wizard hat and saying that they are Dumbledore or any thing else. well these people who complete random and (defiantly) don't know who the other people are will be challenged and will hopefully no't be dead by the end of this story now time to begin.
in a place possibly near you there was a big park but with only 5 people inside of it who were looking for Pokemon.... what are these people doing lets go and see. ''please'' ''no'' please'' ''fin but only if you stop toking'' and then silents for a 2 seconds ''ok will you give it to me now'' ''still no'' so for like the 7 people who are reading this let me introduce you to the mane carters jack the fast one , Dan the crazy one , will the smart one , Orville the funny one then there is Robert let just say he fails a lot don with introductions. ''so who's hose are we going to tonight'' Robert said be for every else shouted not me as fast as they could so it seams like that they are going to Robert house. so after a while of messing around every one got tired they all got to were they were going to sleep for the night and fell asleep instantly but one didn't and that was will so that means he didn't sleep fore most of the night. after a while of flickering his torch on and of he hoed a clock go of indicating that it was midnight but as soon as it did will herd the front door of the house open then slam very loudly and the sound of foot steps ruining up the steers and then it was all quit so will opined the door of the room he was in and saw the hall way empty so he closed the door and then some one run up to it then stop then there was a loud bang and nothing again so he went back to the door and a bang of a torch echoed throughout the house then no more nose was herd

Part 2 band
in the morning..... ''i'm hungry'' shouted Orville to annoy every on ells ''i'ts morning and i want food'' ''fin Orville what do you wont'' ''TOAST'' Orville shouted ''where is the kitchen'' (Roberts house is a manchon i forgot to say that) ''have any one seen will'' every one else but Orville ''no'' Orville ''hay what are you doing'' ''what do you mean'' said Dan ''i was tacking to will'' ''but still what do you mean'' after that there was a thud and it sounded lick some one being pushed onto the ground ''that was hard'' said Orville ''yes i know said will'' a few hours later... ''hay Dan you know what time it is'' '' it's no and that is the end of it'' while 4 of the people who (definitely) don't know who the others are were having fun but one was thinking of what had happened the night before ''what if we stay up all night'' said Robert every one else ''yes'' or said something simeler ''no that a bad idea'' said will ''why are you just scared'' said jack ''no but if anything happiness at midnight juts letting you know i worried you'' said will ''ye shore''

..... to be continued

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Naomi - Year 6
playing games - part 2

''so what comes next'' said the narrator of the story (Naomi) ... ''come on tell me'' ''there coming'' said katt ''whats coming'' as soon as Naomi said that some spider lick robots jumped over the park gate and katts last words where ''run don't look back and don't go into the attic.'' so you may be wondering whats going on so basically katt was a girl from 1914 who granddads sole was attached to a game until someone who is related to him plays it and when the relative dies the sole witch is attaches to the game and the old sole will be free and who ever lives will never age and will be hunted until they get hunted down by lots of different cretchers. if you have a box in any storage areas in your house witch has the words game of life witch is all black accept for the the blood red words on the front don't play it what ever people tell just don't play you they will get to you.

Short story review
Isabel B
Your story was really well written and I loved how at the start you warned people it was going to be a sad story it added to the story a lot. It made me want to read on and I love the cliff hanger at the end. Well done!!!!! :)

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James I - Year 6

One sunny day there was a boy called Jack who had 3 amazing friends Grace, Rosie and Joshua, the trust and bond between the four was unbreakable they would play together for hours on end. Until one day Jack broke his ankle playing football so Grace, Joshua and Rosie helped to carry him back to his house, so his parents could help him. But then they found that that they couldn't carry him all the way to his house so they decided to build a stretcher to carry him back on. Because Joshua was a Scout he remembered that he got his stretcher building badge so he was in charge of the construction. Once the stretcher was completed Joshua lifted Jack onto the stretcher tears pouring down Jacks cheeks in pain once Jack had calmed down Joshua went and helped the girls carry Jack to his house. Once they made it to Jacks house his parents took him straight to the hospital fussing about him so he could make a quick recovery.

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Isabel B - Year 6
The end of my story

For my children and beautiful wife since they never knew my story.

I was born an orphan in London1879. I never met my parents, I had no siblings either. Life was tough for me, I had to beg for money just so I could eat some food but I had one friend that made up for that. His name was Tommy he was 3 years older than me but that didn't matter. One night the worst thing possible happened. It was summer of 1890, I was only 11 our mistress sent us to the kitchen before bed we knew what was coming. She got her belt and beat us till we were black and blue. I was weak with pain but Tommy had other ideas. We were sent to bed with no supper so he made a plan, when everyone was asleep we would climb out the window. The lights went out and I lay still waiting for Tommy to come to my bed. When he came this rush of cold filled my head it was like no pain I had ever felt before. We snuck to the icy window and Tommy opened it. I whispered 'don't!' but he had gone. We were on the third floor and he was just lying on the floor still, body shivering in the cold. I climbed down the fire escape feet slipping on the ice. I screamed in search of help but no-one would help an orphan. I held his weak hand as his breath ran cold. The mistress came out the front door so I ran and ran as far away as I could but there was still always this feeling I was being watched.

I spent years begging and stealing, then one day a woman walked by and asked for my name. I answered with my cheeks going bright red for this was something I never experienced before. She told me with a huge smile, her name was Annie (if you didn't know this is your mother). She told me her story and I felt deeply her loss for her family. We were so alike in our loneliness; it was like two pieces of the jigsaw fitting together. We knew what we wanted and it wasn't here. I was asked to work in a mill near Southampton so we moved there using some of Annie's family money to buy a house. Later your brother George was born but the poor fella didn't even make it a week so we waited a while to have you Mary. Eventually there were three of you and we were happy. I miss you all dearly, but this may be where my story ends. This magnificent ship is sinking and I'm just an orphan so there are more important people that need to survive this.

Best of luck for the future, your Dad x
Maybe one day we shall be together again!

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Imogen W - Year 6
Blood is thicker than water:

Family is the closest bond there is

A Sister's Bond

This is a story about two sisters, one was always doing the right things the other, well, the opposite. These sisters are remarkably close, one called Isabelle and the other called Jane. One day Jane did something very stupid, she took the key to Mrs Bay's (the headmistress's) office and went in and when she got there took all the test papers on Mrs Bay's desk and hid them. The only thing was Isabelle followed her and saw everything but refused to tell and again and again was repeating to herself in her head “blood's thicker than water.”

Suddenly, they heard a shriek from down the hall, Mr Reed was saying “look the test papers, the test papers I have found the test papers!” Jane suddenly felt a rock fall straight onto her shoulders; she would have to own up to what she did. Mrs Bay called the sisters through to her office and she said with a very worried and serious face “ do you know anything at all about this?” This was it, Jane started to haul the words out of her mouth, but she was stopped in her tracks. Isabelle suddenly said on the spot “no, we were out making daisy chains on the field.” Jane mouthed thank you towards Isabelle's direction. When they got out of the office Isabelle whispered, “blood is thicker than water!”

Short story review
Isabel B
I think you've linked everything really well, and managed to get a nice message across. I love how you used the phrase blood is thicker than water. It's also short which is hard to do sometimes well done!!!!!!!

Emily F
I love this story because I think that it shows the loyalty you should have for your family. I think that this story was very well written and I like that it all links together. What I mean is that you used the phrase 'blood is thicker than water' when she is thinking and then at the end she says it to her sister so that it all links. That way it is easy to knows what is going on and it isn't to hard to follow. I also think that you have done very well to sumarise it so that its a short story since that is a skill I have never been good at!

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Herbie T - Year 6

Sloth-Tective screamed, swiftly he leapt out of bed knowing something was wrong. He slowly crept down his gold staircase (because he is the richest sloth in the world) to go and get some hot chocolate , he poured all of the ingredients of a hot chocolate and his special ingredient as well and slurped the hot beverage , suddenly a mysterious figure leapt out from inside the fridge and whacked Sloth-Tective unconscious with an old guitar and carried him off into his van .As soon as Sloth-Tective regained consciousness he saw a flashing red light being shone directly into his eyes.
“Where's the serum?” The dark figure asked in a foul tone. “I'll never tell you!” replied Sloth-Tective


At that moment Sloth-Tective felt a surge of power coursing through his veins . A smile creeped onto his face .
“What are you smiling about ?” Asked the dark figure .Sloth-Tective swiftly jumped up and punched the figure in his face and shone the red light onto him.*GASP* went Sloth-Tective “Duck-Tective how could you ?”
“Oh come on sloth how could I not do it I always have and always will be in your shadow “ *sigh* went Duck-Tective.
“well you're not going to be in my shadow for much longer”
“Huh really”
“No” said Sloth-Tective “You're going to be in jail” and then Sloth-Tective delivered the final punch knocking Duck-Tective unconscious giving Sloth-Tective enough time to call the police and Duck-Tective was arrested


Short story review
Oscar J
I really liked how you came up with original characters. I also liked how you asked the reader where the serum was. The story kept me intrigued and was fast moving. The ending was fair, it was right that Duck-tective went to jail.

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zoe l - Year 6
no one believes me

No one believed me when i said i saw a dinosaur. No one believed me when i said i got attacked by zombies. No one believed me when i said i turned into a werewolf and no one believed me when i said there was a giant bee on the play ground. I thought that if i got a picture of one of the weird things they might believe me. after sixty nine tries i got a picture of an alien sea turtle. The next day i showed the picture of the alien sea turtle to the rest of my class and after that they all believed me.

zoe is the cretcher what i'm in the same room as her rite now. if i don't come to year 7 zoe probily killed me.

Short story review
so zoe why did you create a story on imaginar animals? i'm just wondring

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Naomi - Year 6

Once there were some frends infact 4 frends now this is not a happy story go and read some one elses story if you want some thing happy ok ok now that thay are gone let me tell you about 4 frends who never escaped. ''hi granma'' ''hi katts gramma'' the 4 said to a old lady ''so what should we do first'' said Anna ''play video games'' ''go outside and climb trees'' shouted matt and jo ''no i have a better idea'' said katt ''what is it'' ''go in the attic and find some old games to play'' ''no'' no way'' i'm not going up there'' said anna,matt and jo ''well this is my house isint it'' said katt ''yes'' ''so i choose what we do today'' ''fine'' ''lets go.'' (After a while of being in the attic )'' oooo whats this door doing here'' said anna ''don't touch it'' said katt ''o look it slid open i cant control where i'm going'' ''anna stop mesing around'' ''i'm not joking i cant control where i'm going HELP HELP'' (the other 3 run to where anna is and.) ''Where are we'' said jo?'' ''lets play a game'' all 4 sprang up off the floor who ever survives against each other will win ''ok'' the 4 said nervously ''ok let play'' the voice said and a metal door opened. And there was a river with a boat and a note the note said two people who are the same age can be the only ones who can go on the boat at the same time how will you get to the other side (anna and jo are 12 and matt and katt are 15) ''i have a idea'' (after katt tells the other 3 the plan they manage to complete it and another door opens and they go in.) '' Jo did the least amount of work for the team so he will be punished'' ''what does punished mean'' jo said before a lightning bolt came down from the roof ''3 remaining competitors remaining and 2 more challenges to go'' matt and jo were best friends so matt was very sad and he was crying lots. to be continued.....

Short story review
Oscar J
I really liked the start when you said warning this is a sad story so you let them know and let the people who don't like sad story's go. I also like how you did a cliff hanger at the end so the reader felt like they want to read more. I would love to read the part two.

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Alice B - Year 6
This is a story of the abandoned house.

When I say that it sounds like nothing but really the world was going to change forever! There was a pathway in front of the house and every day somebody new would walk on it and disappear. Where were they going? What were they doing? nobody knows until now.You see nobody really knows how this happens and there is no easy way to explain how or why this happens it just does,some say that it was the house next door some say different but one day somebody did not want to get fake information he wanted to know exactly what was going on but did he not know that would only make it worse.His name is Joseph the brave young boy who made the whole world go bananas and his life was not going to be the same again, nobody's life will.The day everything changed it was a normal day Joseph did his usual routine of waking up, he went down stairs made breakfast,got dressed,and so on, but the one time he had plans to walk down that pathway everyone's house shattered of the idea but it was about to get worse.Joseph went down the road stood at the house and starred for a wile then he opened the dreadfully creaky gates and went in,knocked the door and without a person or a thing to open it but it was too late to thing about it and he went in. He held his head high and slowly stepped forward into the pool of fears and darkness , suddenly a voice came out of nowhere and he was intrigued and he was led in by his tangy breath this seemed like he was going nowhere,but finally he stopped to stare at what was strangling his with insecurity but he still looked up, but to his surprise he knew that blue eyed freak it was his teacher Mr kilpick,he was so scared that he dumped right back and hit himself in the tummy.Mr kilpick knew exactly the punishment to give young Joseph a weeks detention. But you may be wondering how this changed everybody's life well it made then realize that Mr kilpicks house really did need a big old clean so everybody in the world had to pitch in with the cleaning in some way.And as for Joseph we never saw him again.

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