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North Leigh C of E Primary School
North Leigh C of E Primary School
Online forms: Application Form for Leave Due to Exceptional Circumstances

North Leigh CE Primary School is committed to ensuring that your child receives the best possible education to prepare them for the next stage of their life. Each school day is carefully planned, and each lesson informs a wider programme of learning. Your child is a valued member of our school community and every lesson really does count.

For every session (morning or afternoon) missed, there is a 0.2% decrease in the possibility of your child making expected progress and reaching age related expectations. For every session (morning/afternoon) missed there is a 0.4% decrease in the possibility of your child reaching greater depth in their learning. If your child misses more than 9.5 days of school over an academic year (95% attendance), there is no mitigation for this absence – their learning cannot be ‘caught up’.

It is the policy of this school not to authorise absence for holidays during term-time. While advance permission can be given in exceptional circumstances, this is rare and will only be granted at the discretion of the Headteacher.

As a parent you may apply for leave due to exceptional circumstances by completing the request below. If absence has not been agreed by the Headteacher, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised, and a referral made to the County Attendance Team. This may result in the issue of a Penalty Notice under the Education Act 1996.

Please note: Penalty Notices are issued in respect of each absent child, to each parent/carer. The current penalty is £60 per parent per child, rising to £120 per parent per child if not paid within 21 days.

You should not assume that permission will be granted, and confirmation of the Headteachers’ decision will be formally sent to you in writing.

For further information, please find our attendance policy here.

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