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We recognise that North Leigh CE Primary School has a clear duty (upheld by law) to ensure arrangements are in place for safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of our children; and that only children free from physical and emotional harm will develop to realise their full potential and entitlement.

All members of the school community aim to establish and maintain a safe and stimulating environment where children can feel secure; are safe from physical harm; are encouraged to talk to adults they can trust; and are listened to.

Through training, all staff are able to recognise the signs of abuse and understand their responsibilities when a child may be at risk of harm. Training of all staff is updated regularly in line with national guidelines and our designated teachers for child protection are Deborah Seccull (Lead), Elizabeth Mason (Deputy) and Claire Hague (Deputy).

Ms Deborah Seccull
North Leigh C of E Primary School Staff
Mrs Elizabeth Mason
Assistant Headteacher
North Leigh C of E Primary School Staff
Mrs Claire Hague
Home School Link Worker
North Leigh C of E Primary School Staff

All staff are responsible for recording and passing on any concerns which are collected and reviewed by the designated staff, who in turn ensure that children generating concerns are monitored and where necessary, that concerns are passed on to the appropriate social care agencies. We also commit to working in partnership with external agencies in order to support and protect children. Similarly if you as parents have child protection concerns about any child, please speak to Ms Seccull or Mrs Mason.

While we always strive to work confidentially and in partnership with parents, it should be noted that, where there are concerns relating to the safety of a child, in some situations, it is necessary to share information with other agencies and authorities without parental consent.

In line with the 'Safer Recruitment' guidance, all staff, including volunteers who have access to children, in our school have been carefully selected and screened and all have had enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks. Should allegations be made against members of staff we will follow LA guidance in dealing with them. This guidance ensure that the safety of the child is paramount.

The school's full Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is available to parents and carers online or via the school office.

Protocol for Children not collected
Safeguarding and Child Protection Online Statement
Safeguarding and Child Protection(subject to ratification by our Local Governing Body at their next meeting)
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